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Russian Missile Strike on Kyiv Kills 3

Municipal workers clearing debris from apartments near the clinic compound.

The Nonstop Work of Ukrainian Air Defenses: ‘We Have No Days Off’

Ukrainian servicemen demonstrated working on a mobile air defense system responsible for protecting a patch of sky just outside Kyiv.

Conflict With the Far Right Shrouds Jerusalem’s Pride Parade

The pride parade last year in Jerusalem.

Australia’s Most Decorated Soldier Loses War Crime Defamation Case

Ben Roberts-Smith in Sydney last year.

China Wants to Set the Terms of Any ‘Thaw’ With the U.S.

Beijing rejected an invitation for China’s defense minister, Li Shangfu, to meet with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin at a security meeting this weekend in Singapore.

Senegal’s Opposition Leader Is Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

Ousmane Sonko addressing supporters in Dakar, Senegal, in March.

Individual Canadian Cigarettes to Be Labeled With Health Warnings

Ireland Worries That Brexit Will Ruin Fishing Industry

A crew member aboard the fishing vessel Aquila in April on its final voyage.

Honeybee Swarms Darken U.K. Skies, Sending Beekeepers Scrambling

A swarm of bees collected at St. Francis church in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Female Wrestlers in India Threaten to Toss Olympic Medals in Protest

Vinesh Phogat, center, and other wrestlers clashed with the police as they tried to march to the new Parliament building on Sunday in New Delhi.

Fear Sets In Among Turkey’s L.G.B.T. Community After Erdogan’s Attacks

Drag artists applying makeup before a performance in a club in Istanbul in May.

Sudan’s Army Withdraws From Cease-Fire Talks

Yemenis who fled Sudan disembarked from the Saudi ship Abha at Jeddah port in May.

Israel Called Them ‘Precision’ Strikes. But Civilian Homes Were Hit, Too.

A hole left by a bomb that entered the home of the Khoswan family, in a strike on an Islamic Jihad member who lived below, in Gaza City.

Triggered by North Korea, South Korea’s False Evacuation Alert Causes Chaos

Watching a news broadcast with file footage of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, at the Seoul Railway Station in Seoul on Wednesday.

The House Passed the Bill. Who Won?

Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Biden.

Iceland Is a Magnet for Tourists. Its First Lady Has Some Advice for Them.

China Investing in Open-Source Intelligence Collection on the U.S.

American service members flying a Navy reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea in 2018.

Your Thursday Briefing

Some of the apartment buildings damaged after a drone attack in Moscow.

Russia Strikes Kyiv, Killing 3 in Another Early Morning Attack

Emergency personnel at a clinic compound in Kyiv, Ukraine, after a Russian attack on Thursday.

Russia Denounces West Over Drone Strike on Moscow

Police officers stood outside several apartment buildings damaged after a drone attack in Moscow on Tuesday.

Rishi Sunak Is Still Haunted by Boris Johnson and Liz Truss

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain leaving 10 Downing Street this month.

U.S. Adds Aid to Ukraine to Deliver Ammunition for Drones and Artillery

Ukrainian soldiers with a Stinger anti-aircraft missile near a frontline position in Donetsk last year.

As Iran Seizes Tankers, UAE Pulls Back From US-Led Maritime Force

Aboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln in the northern Arabian Sea, in 2019.

Readers in Asia: What Does L.G.B.T.Q. Life Look Like Where You Live?

Pride in Chennai, India, last June.

Climate Change and Russia Spell Trouble for NATO Up North

The missile cruiser Peter the Great, part of the Russian Navy’s northern fleet, at its Arctic base in Severomorsk in 2021. Russia, China and the West are all seeking to expand their military presence in the Arctic.

How to Lower Deaths Among Women? Give Away Cash.

A mother and her 1-year-old son in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The new analysis collected information on cash transfer programs and death rates in 37 countries.

Germany Closes Four of Its Five Russian Consulates After Moscow Dispute

The Russian Embassy in Berlin will remain open, while four of its five consulates in Germany will be forced to close.

A Big Day for the Debt Ceiling

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. Speaks following his meeting with President Joe Biden in the Oval Office early last week.

German Court Convicts 4 Leftists in Attacks Targeting Neo-Nazis

Lina E., second from right, and three co-defendants covered their faces during a court hearing in Dresden, Germany, on Wednesday.

India Will Scrap 2,000 Rupee Notes, Echoing 2016 Demonetization

Customers exchanging 2,000-rupee notes at a bank in New Delhi last week.

State Farm Stops Offering Insurance in California

A firefighter tried to save a home in Meyers, Calif., in 2021.

Pakistan Courts Challenge Military With High-Profile Rulings

Paramilitary soldiers in front of the Supreme Court during a ruling on former Prime Minister Imran Khan, in Islamabad, Pakistan, earlier this month.

Your Wednesday Briefing

Inspecting the damaged facade of an apartment building after a drone attack in Moscow on Tuesday.

Drones Strike Moscow Civilian Areas, a First in Russia-Ukraine War

Inspecting the damaged facade of an apartment building after a drone attack in Moscow on Tuesday.

North Korea Says Rocket Launch Failed After It Triggers Alerts in South Korea

Residents in Seoul watched as news of North Korea’s plan to launch a spy satellite was shown on television.

Debt Deal Includes a Green Light for a Contentious Pipeline

Pipes on Brush Mountain in Virginia that have sat for years at a stalled section of the Mountain Valley Pipeline project.

Fluorescein Turned Venice Grand Canal Green, Officials Say

The authorities said that fluorescein, a chemical used in underwater construction, turned part of the Grand Canal in Venice a phosphorescent shade of green in recent days.

Wildfire Near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Leads to Evacuation of More Than 16,000

Thick plumes of smoke rising from an out-of-control fire on Sunday that forced the evacuation of residents in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

NATO Troops and Ethnic Serbs Clash in Kosovo: What to Know

NATO officers and ethnic Serbs clashed in Zvecan, Kosovo, on Monday.

A Plan to Avert a Vast Oil Spill Off Yemen Moves Ahead

The FSO Safer, a supertanker off the coast of Yemen, in an undated image from a video. If all goes as planned, an inspection of the ship will pave the way for an operation to transfer its oil to a seaworthy tanker.

The I.A.E.A. takes its case for securing the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant to the U.N. Security Council.

A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in March.

Erdogan Pushed to Victory in Turkey by Conservative Women

Turkish women holding a banner with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s picture at a rally in Istanbul before he was re-elected.

The Impact of the Moscow Drone Strike Is Psychological, Russian Military Commentators Say

Police officers near a damaged apartment building in Moscow on Tuesday.

Summer Heat

People crowd the beaches in The Rockaways in July 2021.

Moscow Drone Attack: What We Know

Several buildings in Moscow were damaged early Tuesday. The intended target of the attack was not immediately clear.

A Journey Across London on the Elizabeth Line

Northeast of Heathrow, Southall is a hub of South Asian culture. Visitors can see one of Europe’s largest Sikh temples, sample South Asian cuisine and peruse shops selling jewelry, clothing and other goods.

Germany’s Tenuous Coalition Government Shows Strain

A power plant in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 2022.

Alberta Election Sees Conservatives Keep Power After Hard-Right Turn

Danielle Smith, Alberta’s premier and the leader of the United Conservative Party, on Monday night.

Why Did The Financial Times Kill a #MeToo Scoop on the Observer Columnist Nick Cohen?

Lucy Siegle is one of multiple women to accuse the British columnist Nick Cohen of unwanted sexual advances and groping.

At Guantánamo’s Court Like No Other, Progress Is Frustrated by State Secrets

Some information about the Guantánamo prison and about C.I.A. black-site detention is also unmentionable in open court.

Would Large Language Models Be Better If They Weren’t So Large?

Your Tuesday Briefing

Ukrainians taking cover inside a subway station during an air raid alert in Kyiv on Monday.

Russia Targets Kyiv With Third Wave of Strikes in 24 Hours, Killing One

Residents outside an apartment building damaged by a Russian drone strike, in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Tuesday.

Guyanese Teenager Is Charged With 19 Counts of Murder in School Dorm Fire

Mahdia Secondary School in Mahdia, Guyana, was gutted by a fire that officials said had been deliberately set.

Russian Guards Beat and Tortured Kherson Prisoners, Leading to Deaths

Petro Zhadan, a former soldier, was held for 73 days and heavily beaten at a detention center in Kherson, Ukraine. “All my body was blue,” he said.

Kyiv Residents Scramble for Shelter From Daytime Russia Missile Barrage

Patients and medical staff members taking shelter in the basement of a hospital in Kyiv on Monday.

A Climactic Opening

Spanish Prime Minister Calls Snap Election for July

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez of Spain, shown at the White House on May 12, said he would dissolve Parliament and hold elections on July 23.

She Said Her Professor Sexually Harassed Her. His Wife Won Damages.

Meiko Sano, who brought a sexual harassment lawsuit against her art history professor, in Tokyo.